Current Affairs April 11, 2019

11 Apr, 2019
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  • Question 1: Migration and Development Brief is a report published by...?
  • Explanation: Migration and Development Brief. In it, India has retained its position as the world's top recipient of remittances with its diaspora sending a whopping $79 billion back home in 2018.
  • Question 2: Report - South Asia Economic Focus, Exports Wanted - has been published by...?
  • Explanation: As per latest report on “South Asia Economic Focus, Exports Wanted” by World Bank (WB), India's GDP growth is expected to accelerate moderately to 7.5% in FY 20 (2019-20) and will be driven by continued investment strengthening.
  • Question 3: Isaak Hayik is related with...?
  • Explanation: Isaak Hayik has set a new world record as the oldest person to play in a professional soccer match at the age of 73. The previous record was held by Robert Carmona of Uruguay, who in 2015 played a professional match with Uruguay’s Pan de Azucar at the age of 53.
  • Question 4: Sydney Brenner, who passed away recently, had won the Nobel ___ prize?
  • Explanation: Brenner shared the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2002 for his contribution to work unraveling how genes control cell division.
  • Question 5: Name India men’s hockey team new coach?
  • Explanation: Graham Reid from Australia has been appointed as the new chief coach of the India men's hockey team till the end of 2020
  • Question 6: Benjamin Netanyahu is the Chairman of the ...?
  • Explanation: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to win re-election after his main rival former Army chief Benny Gantz conceded defeat. This comes after a dramatic finish to a tightly-fought race Parliamentary elections in which Gantz accepted that Netanyahu had won.
  • Question 7: India has built a 25-bed maternity hospital in Nepal. The hospital has been built under the Government of ....?
  • Explanation:The Hospital will provide quality maternity and health care services to the people of 50 Village Development Committees in and around Siraha district. It will also help in reducing maternal and child mortality rate.
  • Question 8: Recently, __ Parliament has voted to ban semi-automatic weapons?
  • Explanation: In New Zealand, Parliament has voted to ban all types of semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles following the Christchurch attacks. The bill was approved by 119 members while lone member opposed it. It is expected to become law within the next few days after receiving royal assent from the Governor General.
  • Question 9: Govt has retained interest rate for General Provident Fund at ...?
  • Explanation: The government has retained the interest rate for General Provident Fund (GPF), Contributory Provident Fund and other related schemes at 8 per cent for the first quarter of current financial year. The interest rate on these funds was at 8 per cent in January-March quarter of 2018-19 and government kept it unchanged for April to June for 2019-20.
  • Question 10: Name the telescope which has captured 1st ever image of a black hole?
  • Explanation:Astronomers have taken the first ever image of a black hole, which is located in a distant galaxy. The image which has been captured by a network of eight telescopes across the world shows an intensely bright ring of fire surrounding a perfectly circular dark hole.
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