August 3 Daily GK Quiz

03 Aug, 2019
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  • Question 1: Aadi Perukku is a festival in..?
  • Explanation:In Tamil Nadu, the Aadi Perukku festival is being celebrated today. People performed puja on the banks of larger water bodies including sea coasts, lakes and rivers. The festival is to show reverence by the public to rivers, as the traditional season of sowing of seeds for the next crops is to begin today.
  • Question 2: Where is Sanjay Gandhi National Park?
  • Explanation:Bajirao, the last captive white tiger at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai suburb Borivali, died at the age of 18.
  • Question 3: ___ laid the foundation stone for the first new church of the country since it became a modern republic in 1923?
  • Explanation:The Orthodox Mor Ephrem Church in the Istanbul suburb of Yesilkoy will serve the 17,000-strong Syriac Christian community.
  • Question 4: 15th meeting of the India-US Defence Policy Group (DPG) held in...?
  • Explanation:Indian and US officials have agreed to pursue a policy environment conducive to collaboration between the defence industry and start-ups in both countries.
  • Question 5: Adarsh Singh is related with...?
  • Explanation:In Shooting, young Adarsh Singh outclassed his rivals in the Sardar Sajjan Singh Sethi Memorial Masters competition, winning the gold medal in both the men and junior 25 metres rapid fire pistol event in New Delhi .
  • Question 6: Gandhi Nagar model village built with Indian assistance has been inaugurated in...?
  • Explanation:This model village is second of the 100 model villages being built with Indian assistance and is named after Mahatma Gandhi, in his 150th birth anniversary.
  • Question 7: Phanigiri is a place in...?
  • Explanation: Archaeologists in Telangana have recently unearthed a rare life-sized stucco sculpture from a Buddhist site at Phanigiri in Suryapet. It is considered to be the biggest stucco sculpture found in the excavations in the country till date.
  • Question 8: Recently, RBI has imposes a penalty on __ public sector banks for violating norms?
  • Explanation:Reserve Bank of India has imposed a penalty ranging between one to two crore rupees on seven public sector banks for violating norms on fraud classification, bill discounting and monitoring of end-use of funds.
  • Question 9: __ has decided to fill doctors' vacant posts through campus recruitment within a year?
  • Explanation:Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi has said that the vacant posts of doctors will be filled directly through campus recruitment within a year.
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