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08 Jul, 2019
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  • Question 1: India has handed over 250 pre-fabricated houses to ....?
  • Explanation: External Affairs Ministry said in a release that India had taken up the project under its Rakhine State Development Programme under which 25 million dollars are allocated for a period of five years.
  • Question 2: US State Department has approved a potential 2.2 billion arms sale to ...?
  • Explanation: China urged Washington to immediately cancel the potential weapons sale. Beijing views Taiwan as part of its territory.
  • Question 3: India and ___ have decided to exchange crucial information on drug trafficking?
  • Explanation:India and Myanmar have resolved to exchange crucial information relating to drug trafficking and precursors. The decision was taken at the 4th Director General level talks between Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control (CCDAC) in New Delhi.
  • Question 4: The first India-Russia Strategic Economic Dialogue was held in St. Petersburg in ...?
  • Explanation:The second India-Russia Strategic Economic Dialogue will be held in New Delhi on July 10. It will be held under the chairmanship of NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar and Deputy Minister of the Economic Development of Russia, Timur Maksimov.
  • Question 5: Name the manufacturer of heavy-lift Chinook helicopters?
  • Explanation:American aerospace major Boeing has announced the arrival of two new heavy-lift Chinook helicopters for the Indian Air Force at the Mundra port in Gujarat. Indian Air Force has ordered 15 Chinooks and the first four helicopters arrived in February.
  • Question 6: Which Indian state will produce its own seeds soon, known as Sah-Beej?
  • Explanation: Madhya Pradesh will produce seeds too, under the brand name of seeds will be Sah-Beej.
  • Question 7: _- has set a target to become 1-trillion economy in coming years?
  • Explanation: Uttar Pradesh government has set the target to become one trillion dollar economy in coming years so that the state can contribute in fulfilling Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dream of expanding country's economy to 5 trillion dollars.
  • Question 8: Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship 2019 held in...?
  • Explanation: India won 13 medals on the opening day of the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship in Apia, Samoa
  • Question 9: Kutno Athletics Meet 2019 held in...?
  • Explanation: Indian sprinter Hima Das won her second international gold in women's 200m with a top finish at the Kutno Athletics Meet in Poland.
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