March 15 2020 Current Affairs

15 Mar, 2020
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  • Question 1: GST rates on mobile phones will be increased to ___ from 12% w.e.f. 1st April?
  • Explanation:The Goods and Services Tax Council today decided to increase GST rates on mobile phones to 18 percent from 12 percent with effect from 1st of April. The Council also decided to slash GST on maintenance, repair and overhaul services for aircraft to five percent from 12 percent while the tax rate on handmade and machine-made matchsticks has been rationalized to 12 percent.
  • Question 2: Union Cabinet has approved a proposal for the construction of 780 kilometer of green highways at a cost of ___ crore rupees?
  • Explanation:The project pertains to rehabilitation and up gradation of various National Highways in four states, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Question 3: The Reserve Bank of India reduced exposure limits of Urban Cooperative Banks to group of borrowers to...?
  • Explanation:Earlier the limit was 40 %. The Exposure Limit is the maximum credit a bank avails to its borrower. In simple terms, higher the exposure limit, higher are the loans available to its customers
  • Question 4: ___ has topped solar roof top plants across the country?
  • Explanation: After Gujarat, Maharashtra topped with solar rooftop power plant installation with more than 5,513 installations.
  • Question 5: Kudumbashree, project in ___ is the largest and most successful SHG project in the country?
  • Explanation:The SHGs help to promote Gender Equity, Social Integrity, Financial Inclusion and help raise the voice of the marginalized sections.
  • Question 6: The Union Cabinet chaired by Narendra Modi had approved mega consolidation of __ Public Sector Banks?
  • Explanation:The mega-merger is to come into effect from April 1, 2020.
  • Question 7: Where is Nana Shankarsheth Railway Station?
  • Explanation: Mumbai Central station to be renamed as Nana Shankarsheth Mumbai Central railway station
  • Question 8: RBI issues guidelines for Ind AS implementation by NBFCs, ARCs. What is the full form of ARC?
  • Explanation:The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has framed regulatory guidance on Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) to be applicable on Ind AS implementing Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) and Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) for preparation of their financial statements (FS) from financial year (FY) 2019-20 onwards.
  • Question 9: Name the new MD and CEO of Yes Bank?
  • Explanation:
  • Question 10: Who won Ranji Trophy title 2019-20?
  • Explanation:
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