March 20 Current Affairs

20 Mar, 2020
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  • Question 1: Indian Railways will electrify all broad gauge routes by December ___?
  • Explanation:As a target to electrify 4,310 km of broad gauge route in the year 2023-2024 (till December 2023), it is planned to electrify a total of 28,810 km of broad gauge route.
  • Question 2: In March 2020 has announced to issue Visa virtual debit cards to its customers?
  • Explanation:
  • Question 3: Janani Narayanan and Vrinda Rathi are related with...?
  • Explanation:Indian umpires Janani Narayanan and Vrinda Rathi named in International Panel of ICC Development Umpires.
  • Question 4: Roger Mayweather, who died recently was famous...?
  • Explanation:The former world champion boxer and trainer, Roger Mayweather passed away on 18th March 2020 at the age of 58 due to health-related illness. Roger Mayweather won the world champion boxer title in two weight classes.
  • Question 5: Which state has cancelled reservation in promotion for state government employees?
  • Explanation:Uttarakhand has abolished the promotion ban dated September 11, 2019 according to the Supreme Court decision.
  • Question 6: World Consumer Rights Day is observed on...?
  • Explanation:March 15 is World Consumer Rights Day. This day is celebrated on the 15th of March every year to raise global awareness about consumer rights and needs.
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