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14 Jun, 2020
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  • Question 1: Name the panel which has been set up by RBI to review ownership, the corporate structure of Private sector banks?
  • Explanation:The Reserve Bank of India has constituted a five-member Internal Working Group to review the guidelines related to ownership, governance, and corporate structure of private sector banks. RBI Central Board Director P K Mohanty will head the committee,
  • Question 2: Which country has decided to scrutinize Chinese BRI Railway project
  • Explanation:The government of Myanmar has decided to scrutinize the Muse-Mandalay railway project connecting Mandalay with the capital city of Yunnan province in China.
  • Question 3: Indian-American soil scientist who has received 2020 World Food Prize?
  • Explanation:The award has been to Mr. Lal for developing and mainstreaming a soil-centric approach to increasing food production that conserves natural resources and mitigates climate change.
  • Question 4: Name the First Fully Digitalised Organisation in Construction Sector?
  • Explanation:NHAI is digitalised utilizing the cloud and artificial intelligence-powered by the Data Lake, a Big Data Analytic Platform, and Project Management software.
  • Question 5: In this year which state has become the top wheat procurer?
  • Explanation:MP becomes India’s largest wheat procurer in the year 20-21 surpassing Punjab. Rs 25,000 crore introduced to boost farmers.
  • Question 6: Where is People’s Co-operative Bank which has been banned by RBI from granting fresh loans, accepting deposits for 6 months?
  • Explanation: It has been barred e to its weak financial position in exercise of powers vested in it under sub section (1) of Section 35 A of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949
  • Question 7: Who is the author of the book - Lockdown Liaisons?
  • Explanation: The book talks about the impacts of COVID-19 on human lives
  • Question 8: World Day Against Child Labour is observed on...?
  • Explanation: Theme of 2020: COVID-19: Protect children from child labour, now more than ever”.
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