Sahafat Finance Scheme:सहप्रत वित्त योजना:

Launched on: 14th December 2017 

Launched by: Jammu and Kashmir Launched by Jammu and Kashmir Bank's Chairman and CEO Parvez Ahmed 

Key Objectives of the scheme: 
To give easy and hassle-free finance or loan to media professionals who are working in a state. 

The aim behind launching this scheme is to make strong and sustaining channel of media in Jammu and Kashmir State and to fulfill a professional desire of Journalists or media persons and agents of Newspaper, editors or media businesses. 

This scheme covers all the media professional and benefits in the journalist's field like periodicals, newspapers, TV media, journals and circulars. 

Loan detail:

  1. Each journalist will be entitled for minimum amount of Rs 50,000 to 3, 00,000. 
  2. A repayment of the loan amount is set in 60 Equally Monthly Instalments to make it simple and convenient to all. 
  3. A bank also gives Credit limit and loan facility at a cheap interest rate along with 4 lakh insurance facility with a minimum premium of Rs 342 yearly.

Who can take the loan:
An employed journalist is described by the act 1955 of working journalists and other Newspaper employees and Miscellaneous Provisions or a Media person whose professional work is to report or edit news for radio channel, TV channel or a web-based channel and worked as a full-time or part-time.