Cloze Practice Set 1Cloze प्रैक्टिस सेट 1

Directions: (1-10) In the following passages some of the words have been left out. Read the Passages carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four

Since the U.S. led alliance toppled the Taliban __1__ November 2001, women and girls in Afghanistan have __2__ greater freedom to participate in public life and __3__ to education, healthcare, and employment. This is the case particularly in the __4__, Kabul, where the deployment of foreign military forces under the International Security Assistance force (ISAF) has helped bring __5__ security. Even in Kabul, however, many Afghan women still fare constant __6__ to their personal security from other civilians or armed men belonging to various political, __7__ Outside Kabul, the situation is one of acute general lawlessness and insecurity, as there is no ISAF presence and rival warlords control security conditions. In these areas, more than in Kabul, Afghan women continue to __8__ serious threats to their physical safety, which __9__ them the opportunity' 
to exercise their basic human rights and to participate fully in the rebuilding of their __10__.

Q1. (a) at (b) in (c) from (d) on

Q2. (a) gained (b) volunteered (c) surrendered (d) submitted

Q3. (a) progress (b) access (c) regress (d) success

Q4. (a) country (b) outskirts (c) capital (d) locality

Q5. (a) much-admired (b) much-needed (c) less-known (d) less-needed

Q6. (a) lashes (b) opportunities (c) demands (d) threats

Q7. (a) actions (b) fractions (c) upheavals (d) factions

Q8. (a) bear (b) oppose (c) face (d) evade

Q9. (a) allows (b) denies (c) provides (d) approves

Q10. (a) state (b) country (c) city (d) selves


Ans 1. (b) in Ans 2. (a) gained Ans 3. (b) access Ans 4. (c) capital Ans 5. (b) much-needed Ans 6. (d) threats Ans 7. (d) factions

Ans 8. (c) face Ans9. (b) denies Ans10. (b) country

Cloze प्रैक्टिस सेट 1