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How to stay positive despite failures

You must have come across a lot of people who ask you to stay positive. 

But the questions is how to stay positive when there is no light of hope and so much negative is happening and no good news around you? I mean when you are unable to clear exams, 

If you just say to yourself that "I have to be positive then it's not going to give you any positivity"? Am I right?

These six tips help me to stay positive when I was preparing for exams and failing in all of them. 

1. Positivity comes when you sit and analysis that how far you have come so far. You have come a long way. 

2. It comes when you work sincerely and consistently and even study when it is boring and you do deliberate practice. 

3. It comes when you are honest to yourself and accept your weak points and work on them and further improves on strengths. 

4. It comes when you take small but firm steps towards your goals.

5. It comes when you turn weaknesses into your strengths.

6. And it comes when you smile even if you fail and have faith in yourself and you study smart with josh but with hosh as well. 

Think about it.

कैसे विफलताओं के बावजूद सकारात्मक रहें

सवाल है कि कैसे सकारात्मक रहें. सकारात्मकपन तब आता है.. 

1. यह आता है, जब आप बैठते हैं और विश्लेषण है कि कितनी दूर तुम अब तक आए हैं।

2. यह आता है जब आप ईमानदारी से काम करते हैं।

3. यह आता है जब आप अपने आप को ईमानदार हैं?

4. यह आता है जब आप अपने लक्ष्य की ओर छोटी लेकिन फर्म कदम उठाए।

5. यह आता है, जब आप अपनी ताकत में कमजोरियों की बारी है।

6. और यह आता है जब असफल हो पर​ मुस्कान रखें

इसके बारे में सोचो।

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