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You are very close to success...

Never settle for less than what you deserve.

You might be preparing for 2-3 years. that is good. It means that you have come a long way so carry on because if you give up now then after some years you would be telling yourself " I should have given some more time to prepare as I was very very close."

So save yourself of these regrets and carry on. Remember: We all go thru struggle and tough period, only then we shine and rise.

And there are no failures till we are trying and fighting the battle.

One more thing a majority of people quit when they are very close to their destination and also the journey will get tough when you are about to reach your goal. So CARRY ON.

यू सफल होने के लायक है ..

लंबे समय के लिए कड़ी मेहनत कर रहा है जो उन सभी। बस याद है: कभी तुम्हारे लायक से भी कम समय के लिए समझौता।

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