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50 Spelling Mistakes Practice Questions

In SBI Clerk 2016 exam there were five questions of Spelling Errors. We though of giving you some practice of it. 

50 Correct Spelling Questions 

1. abberration
Correct: aberration

2. accomodation / acommodation
Correct: accommodation

3. acheive
Correct: achieve

4. adress
Correct: address

5. alot
Correct: a lot or allot

6. alterior
Correct: ulterior

7. athiest
Correct: atheist

8. beggining
Correct: beginning

9. beleive
Correct: believe

10. Caucasion
Correct: Caucasian

11. cemetary
Correct: cemetery

12. committment
Correct: commitment 
(but committed, committing, committee)

13. concensus
Correct: consensus

14. concieve
Correct: conceive

15. copywrite
Correct: copyright

16. decaffinated
Correct: decaffeinated

17. decathalon
Correct: decathlon

18. definately
Correct: definitely

19. dependance
Correct: dependence

20. desicate
Correct: desiccate

21. desireable
Correct: desirable

22. diarhea
Correct: diarrhoea

23. dissapoint
Correct: disappoint

24. dispell
Correct: dispel

25. embarass
Correct: embarrass

26. enviroment
Correct: environment

27. expresso
Correct: espresso

28. facist
Correct: fascist

29. Febuary
Correct: February

30. fivety
Correct: fifty

31. fluoroscent
Correct: fluorescent

32. flouride

33. forteen
Correct: fourteen

34. fourty
Correct: forty

35. freind
Correct: friend

36. geneology
Correct: genealogy

37. goverment
Correct: government

38. grammer
Correct: grammar

39. hampster
Correct: hamster

40. harrass
Correct: harass

41. hemorage
Correct: haemorrhage

42. heros
Correct: heroes

43. hight
Correct: height

44. hygeine
Correct: hygiene

45. hypocracy
Correct: hypocricy

46. independance
Correct: independence

47. inate
Correct: innate

48. innoculate
Correct: inoculate

49. intresting
Correct: interesting

50. juge
Correct: judge

50 वर्तनी की गलतियों अभ्यास प्रश्न

एसबीआई क्लर्क 2016 परीक्षा में वर्तनी त्रुटियों से पांच सवाल वहाँ थे। हम आपको इसके बारे में कुछ अभ्यास देने के यद्यपि।

50 सही वर्तनी वाले सवाल


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