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Company Accounts Series 1

SECTION B – AUDITING (50 MARKS)6. Auditing Concepts  (a) Nature, Scope and Signicance of Auditing  (b) Audit Engagement, Audit Program, Audit Working Papers, Audit Note Book, Audit Evidence and Audit Report  (c) Internal Check, Internal Control, Internal Audit - Industry Specic. 7. 


Provision relating to Audit under Companies Act  (a) Auditor’s qualication, disqualication, appointment, remuneration, removal, power and duties  (b) Cost Audit, Secretarial Audit  (c) Reporting Requirements under Companies Act, Report vs. Certicate, contents of the reports and qualications in the report (d) Miscellaneous Audit (i) Branch Audit, Joint Audit (ii) Audit of shares and debentures  (iii) Audit of divisible prots and dividends  (iv) Statutory Auditors vs. Internal Auditors  (v) Auditing and Assurance Standards relating to audit of inventories and audit of xed assets  (vi) Auditing of different types of undertaking – Education, Hospitals, Cooperative Societies, Banks, Trusts,Municipalities, Panchayat

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